Company profile:

Founded in 2009, Miracle Miles aims at empowering the global supply chain and enterprises, bringing the interests to global consumers. The current business scope including self-owned brands, global warehousing, online&offline selling and information& technology platforms.

Self-owned Brands Building

We own the popular and well-known brands like DREAM PAIRS, Bruno Marc, TOETOS and NORTIV 8 in the field of men& women footwear, kids footwear and hiking footwear.

Global Warehouse Service

We own the domestic and overseas warehouses and the business scope covers in US, Japan and German, providing the integrated service of storage, logistic, custom clearance. Meanwhile, we also offer warehousing and API to realize the seamless connection with technology and information.

Omni-channel Selling

Online sales channels: On Amazon, ebay and Alibaba. Especially, We have started our business on Amazon marketplace in many countries. Like US, Canada, UK, French, Italy, Spain, German, Mexico, Middle East, Japan and Australia.
Offline sales channels: We have many direct selling stores and franchise stores all over US.
Sales support: Designing, brand promotion, photographing, advertising, sales operation, and after-sales customer service.

Information Platforms Development

With the excellent software development ability in multi-domain, we have launched the the ERP system and cloud warehousing platform which provides the dropshipping service for Amazon, ebay and Alibaba business owners and fully covers the whole process of cross-border e-commerce from product selection to final sales. The cloud warehousing has the seamless connection with the global mainstream ERP and the e-commerce platforms so as to accelerate the management efficiency and lower the cost.



Let people benefit from our products and live happily



  • 赋能全球供应链和商家来为全世界消费者带来真正的价值

    To empower global supply chains and business owners to deliver real value to consumers around the world


    • 不断进步,追求卓越

      Continuous improvement and pursue excellence

    • 正能量,不抱怨,想解决办法

      Positive attitude, never complain,solution oriented

    • 拥抱变化,跳出舒适圈

      Embrace change, step out of comfort zone

    • 坚守诚信,是一切价值的根源

      Integrity is the root of all values

    • 结果导向,高效率,强执行

      Result oriented, high efficiency, solid execution

    • 彼此信任,透明沟通,让团队配合变得简单

      Trust and communication make teamwork easier

    Founded in 2009, Miracle Miles Group hold and manage all its subsidiaries




    01 2009 The first store in the US



    The number of physical stores reached to 22 with the top annual sales of a single shop amounted to USD 700,000 per year.

    In July of 2013, the Top Glory Trading Group founded.

    Amazon US opened and the business carried out both online and offline.



    In October, 2017 Amazon Canada opened

    With the growing demand of online business, Wangoon technology Co. Ltd. was founded in Changsha, Hunan in November, 2017, providing the integrated services of software development, system technology support, research and design, photography, advertising, sales, operation, brand promotion and customer service.



    Founded in June, 2018, Fuzhou Gaodun Storage Co Ltd. has provided services of storage, collection, logistics and custom clearance with its 7,000 square meter’s effective storage space and more than 10,000 square meter’s space in total.

    In November, 2018 Amazon UK opened.



    In January, 2019 Amazon Germany, Spain, Italy and France opened.

    In March, 2019 Amazon Mexico opened.



    In July, 2019, the Alibaba department founded.

    In August, 2019, collaborated with the US famous group-buying website Zulily and famous chain corporation May’s.



    In 2019, the Miracle Miles Group will complete the restructuring and integrate resources of operations, R&D, service, promotion, design, warehousing, logistics, supply chain and online and offline sales channels within the platform to create a world-class fashion brand and its own platform, and be transformed into a top international cooperation with its own global supply and sales chain.



    Revenue will exceed $100 million in 2019.

    The LA and Chicago warehouse will be in use by the end of 2019, with the existing New Jesse warehouse, the group’s global warehousing service will cover the whole US.


    To be continued…